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Working on a dream: the Ice Emotion ice rink

On January 5, 2012, signed the agreement with the Municipality of Oggiona with S. Stefano, work begins on the construction of the new ice skating rink.

The geologist, the excavations for the electric line, the removal of the old balustrades of the roller skating rink and the displacement of the baskets of the basketball court. The area is finally free to begin work on the construction of the new sports facility.

On 18 January they begin to dig the foundations, and the work continues despite the snow.

February 13 work begins on the “skeleton” of the structure, which grows visibly day after day, and in a very short time it is finished. After doing all the necessary tests, you start with the creation of the electrical system.

On March 7 the fund is set up, where the track will be placed. On March 12, instead, the cover sheet arrives. After mounting the outer cover, the fabric inside the structure is also mounted.

20 March 2012: the chiller, the ice rake machine and the skates for the rental are delivered. The time has come to start working for the creation of ice. The machines come on and the track begins to “come to life”. Day after day the ice grows more and more until it becomes “skating”.

On March 23rd, the skate rental wooden house is ready and the 250 pairs of skates, for the public, are placed inside.

On March 31, 2012 everything is ready and so we can proceed with the cutting of the ribbon and the grand opening.

In 2014 the structure that houses the heated refreshment point is added, with two large windows that allow you to see the track remaining warm, the bathrooms, the mirror room for working off the ice and the changing rooms.

In 2019, the public skate rentals are moved and separated from the skates used for the courses, which instead remain located in the wooden house together with the shop.

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